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Welcome from the Head of School

Welcome to CATS Academy Boston - Where We Prepare Tomorrow's Leaders

CATS Academy Boston offers an exciting school community where students from dozens of countries study with highly qualified teachers in Boston, the world center of education, to prepare for prominent American universities. At CATS Academy Boston, you will benefit from Cambridge Education Group’s more than six decades of experience  in providing top-flight secondary education while participating in the dynamism of CEG’s entrepreneurial and rapidly-growing first CATS program in the United States.

You will study with highly trained, expert teachers and take advantage of the unparalleled cultural and educational opportunities of Boston.  You will absorb the American style of learning while living and making friends with students from across the globe.  Those students will, no doubt, remain friends and professional colleagues for many years to come - a global career network throughout your life.

CATS Academy Boston focuses on the needs of foreign students - unlike many American boarding schools where foreign students are often a minority who might not receive enough attention. We specialize in the emotional, social, and academic success of students from outside the United States who desire an American education that prepares them for success in top U.S. colleges and universities.

In addition to helping our students achieve academic success and high test scores, CATS Academy also offers programs that teach students the creative, entrepreneurial, and leadership qualities that will make them more successful in their careers and that also help foreign applicants stand out when applying to American colleges. Our highly skilled College Counseling Office focuses on giving foreign students the individual attention, help, and advocacy they need to get into the best colleges for them. 

For domestic American students, CATS Academy Boston offers a top-quality education in a setting with students from across the globe.  Where else can you attend a great high school, alongside future leaders from all over the world, which prepares you for success in the global economy - all without leaving home?

In addition to all of the great things I have mentioned, CATS Academy Boston is also a warm and caring community where we value every student and take delight every day in preparing tomorrow’s leaders.

I invite you to get to know and become a part of this unique, dynamic, and exhilarating school!

Dr. James Tracy
Head of School, CATS Academy Boston

Dr. James Tracy